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Always hard at work, Alice Franklin creates hypnotically beautiful patterns from images as deceptively simple as irises in an Italian garden or a lone agave in the California desert.

“I have this weird quirk about repeating patterns in light and shadow. I’ve always been fascinated by repetition—even in my most traditional, straightforward work.” - Alice

The magic of Alice’s complex images emerges from the amazing light she captures in original photographs shot on Polaroid® and traditional film.


“There’s potential in any plant or object with an interesting shape or texture. But it’s the light that that brings an image to life.” 

Always inspired by the very special light of the boundless Texas sky, Dallas marks a homecoming for Alice. From her Austin birthplace, life and art have led to Virginia, Tennessee, Utah, Michigan, California, France, Italy and now back to Texas. At the prestigious Cranbrook Kingswood School in Bloomsfield Hills, Michigan, she discovered a passion and talent for photography. After earning a photojournalism degree from the University of Texas in Austin, she headed to California for advanced photography studies at Brooks Institute in Santa Barbara.


At Brooks, Alice mastered the 4” x 5" field camera. Favored by Ansel Adams, Edward Weston and other large-format pioneers, the camera allows for total control of depth of field and manipulation of planes. While using the 4” by 5”, she also discovered the rich, luminous beauty of Polaroid.

“There’s no grain, so the images have a very liquid feel. Particularly when  things are out of focus, the colors blend in a soft, luscious way.”

In 1985, Alice moved to the northern Italian city of Turin, where she began a career as a commercial photographer—and met Piergiorgio Sclarandis, a world-renowned reportage photographer. In addition to her own studio work for major advertising accounts, Alice embarked on the task of cataloging tens of thousands of images from Piergiorgio’s immense body of work. Between 1995 and 1997, the couple traveled the world while Piergiorgio shot photographs for a commercial calendar project. Twenty-four countries in 24 months brought inspirations that still influence Alice’s work— “the intricate textiles of Italy, Turkey and Morocco . . . the sophisticated beauty of Syria . . . the intense colors of India.”

The images and patterns that Alice creates today are much more than simply beautiful. From the Simmetrie series of fine art photographs to surface designs for textiles, apparel and furnishings, her work creates a stimulating world of visual emotion that blends beauty and mystery, depth and delight. The response they draw is as passionate as the images themselves.

Now available through the Effe Collection (ef-fay, the Italian pronunciation of the letter 'F'), Alice Franklin and her team of creatives are thrilled to explore bright colors and intricate pattern that is the hallmark of the Collection's style. Effe proprietary designs originate in Texas with fabrics digitally printed in the U.S.A. and Spain.

From the heart of Alice Franklin, the Effe Collection is lovingly created to beautify your home and space.


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