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Interior Designer Tiffany McKinzie and Textile Designer Alice Franklin of effe collection announce “Tiffany McKinzie for Effe,” a new private label of textiles and wall coverings available to design trade professionals. Thoughtfully crafted by the artful duo, each design is inspired by the textures of nature and made for luxurious, contemporary living.


About the Partnership


Joining forces, Tiffany and Alice debut this private label of textiles and wall coverings designed with the ultimate in style and quality. “As a designer, I'm always looking to to incorporate natural elements into projects where the subtle textures and color palettes are both elegant and accessible.” says Tiffany McKinizie of Tiffany McKinzie Interior Design, Inc. “In planning the next step in my professional journey, I envisioned a line of resources available to the design community. So when Alice approached me last year, I was thrilled to collaborate with her. I’ll be the first to say that I am an effe collection groupie!”


Effe Collection was founded by Alice Franklin upon her return to the states from years of living abroad.  Originally from Dallas, Texas, Alice Franklin’s extensive background in visual arts influenced her beginnings as a textile designer. As she reflects, “I have had this weird quirk about repeating patterns in light and shadow. I’ve always been fascinated by repetition—even in my most traditional, straightforward work.” Ms. Franklin's life-long fascination with pattern, recorded in photography, has led her from the family ranch in Texas to the beaches of Santa Barbara and even the villas of Italy. Travelling alongside fellow professional photographer and husband, Piergiorgio Sclarandis, Alice had the opportunity to see much of the world and once back in Texas, this experience influenced her decision to incorporate much of her photographic portfolio into the creation of textiles and surface pattern. In the company and memory of family, Alice Franklin founded effe collection (pronounced “ef – AY”) as an Italian interpretation of the three Franklins – or “f’s” – that collaborated on the original line launched in 2014. Running effe collection today, Alice Franklin transforms photographic elements of nature into the artful patterns currently available. In fact, pieces of photographs of the first roses she grew in Turin can be found delicately incorporated into many of the patterns on view at


Simultaneously, Tiffany McKinzie has been widely recognized for her ability to not only offer interior design services but also realize a high level of design from the ground up with management of new construction or renovation projects. Often surrounded by contractors and construction dust, Tiffany strives to achieve a final design that supports life. “With two teenagers, a dog and husband at home, myself, I think beauty is not something you have to sacrifice to have a comfortable and luxurious home. So often, I find design must ultimately incorporate natural elements so that we may live in design and not just the idea of it. When it came time for me to grow as a designer with the evolution of my own label, I could not think of someone who understands quality and nature better than Alice Franklin and her team at effe.”


About the Label


Initially approaching the idea of a collaboration in the summer of 2018, Tiffany and Alice quickly developed a vision for “Tiffany McKinzie for Effe” as a line that can offer high-end textiles at an attainable level. “The moment we met, it was clear that we were going to be able to create a lot here,” says Tiffany. The two designers decided that they would focus the launch of the collection around sophisticated pattern and palettes with an easy living vibe.


Just back from her travels to Nantucket, Tiffany suggested that the place to begin was with the soft color palette and natural textures of the sea and grasses. The current collection is not just reflective of pebbles and water, but of  a lifestyle the breathes culture.  “We’ve begun with traditional koi, florals and stripes, focusing on a polished blue grey color palette with splashes of accent color so as to be easily incorporated into a modern home or living space,” says Alice. “Tiffany’s ability to see pattern in space has undoubtedly worked to hone my development of textures and imagery”


“Tiffany McKinzie for Effe” combines the best of art and design. The private label focuses on pattern and color, leaving room for a variety of combinations with designs currently available on the market. “Just as Alice and I work together, we want our textiles to compliment what is available in your local showroom… adding in something unexpected and still fully usable for everyday life events,” reflects Tiffany. “I, myself, love adding effe collection and Tiffany McKinzie for Effe pieces in my own home!”


Where to Find


The initial collection of “Tiffany McKinzie for Effe” is available at E.C. Dicken in the Dallas Design District with plans to roll out the full collection in early Fall 2019.  Alice Franklin and Tiffany McKinzie could not be more delighted to work with the professionals at E.C. Dicken, who have been providing high-quality products to the design community for over fifty years.


The private label is available to the trade only, meaning that a trade professional must order through a showroom or with an approved resale account. 


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